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Low Cal Blondies

This dreary and dark weather is really messing with my food photos.

Once I learned that natural light was the best way to photograph food, I quit using flash for good!  I even quit baking at night and started baking in the morning so by the time I got finished, I could use the natural light from my kitchen window to photograph the finished product.

But that’s changed lately.  It’s been cloudy for a couple of weeks now and I can’t seem to get a good picture.

Which is where a light box comes in handy!

No need to buy one.  I’ll show you how to make one!!

Homemade Light Box

You’ll need:
1 big box
some tissue paper or other semi-transparent paper

Cut out the centers of the sides of the box.  Leave one side, though!
It will look like this.
 Fill the sides of your cut out box with paper.
You’ll need more lights than this, but this is the gist.
After all of that hard work, you’ll probably need some blondies. 😉

I took this from Katie.  They have beans in them, but I trusted Katie’s judgement and made them anyway.  I’m impressed!!  I wasn’t expecting them to be that good.  I took mine out a little early so they were gooey and delicious!  If you’re looking for a low-cal treat, these are the ones you should make.  My only complaint is that the flax seeds made them a little grainy, so next time I might sub in flour instead.  

Low Cal Blondies
For this delicious recipe, click here: Choc. Covered Katie