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Red, White and Blue(ish) Kettle Corn

It was just like an episode of Chopped in my kitchen today.  I wanted to make something for the 4th of July, but coming up with creative red, white and blue desserts isn’t as easy as it sounds.  

I thought, “Okay, what can I make without going to the store?” because I’m lazy.  The only red and blue edible things in my house right now are food coloring (which is questionably edible) and blueberries.  I went with food coloring. I ended up making 3 pots of kettle corn, each a different color… pink, green and tan.  Good enough.

Red, White and Blue Kettle Corn
Recipe from: AllRecipes

6 tablespoons butter (divided into 3, 2-tablespoon segments)
6 tablespoons (¼ + 1/8 cup) sugar
¾ cup popcorn kernels
food coloring

1.  Place 3 pots on 3 burners on the stove (or you can do this one color at a time).   Place 2 tablespoons of butter in each pot and heat the butter in the pots over medium heat. Once hot, stir in the sugar and popcorn.
2. In one pot, place a couple of drops red food coloring, in another, a couple drops blue food coloring, and leave the other pot alone.
3. Cover, and shake the pot constantly to keep the sugar from burning. Once the popping has slowed to once every 2 to 3 seconds, remove the pot from the heat immediately and continue to shake for a few minutes until the popping has stopped. Pour popcorn from all 3 pots into a large bowl, and allow to cool, stirring occasionally to break up large clumps. Garnish with M&Ms.