Roasted Beet Salad

I went to a wonderful local cooking class the other day and was inspired!! I’ve eaten beets prepared by other people, but I’ll be honest… this was my first time buying and cooking them myself. 

Paige, from For Love of the Table, showed us how to make so many awesome recipes, but this beet salad was one of my favorites.  If you don’t really like beets, I think this recipe is a game changer for you.


Roasted Beet Salad
Recipe from:  For Love of the Table

3 or 4 beets
½ cup plain greek yogurt
lemon juice

1. Roast the beets. Trim off the tops, leaving about an inch of stem, scrub them and place them in a roasting pan with about a quarter inch of water in the bottom. Cover the pan with foil and roast at 375° to 400° until tender, about 40 minutes.
2. When they are cool enough to handle, trim the top and the root and rub the skins off with a paper towel. Slice them and dress them with lemon juice to taste. (Acidity accentuates the sweetness). Season with salt and pepper and toss with olive oil.  
3.  Make the Greek yogurt topping:  mix the yogurt with garlic and salt to taste.  Drizzle over beets and top with walnuts and mint.  


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