Choice Organic Teas

Yes, I realize today is National Margarita Day, but the flu hit our house this weekend, so I’ll be talking about tea today

Have you or your family/friends gotten sick yet this year?  I woke up on Friday feeling like I was dying…shakes, aches, congestion, headache, weakness…. everything.  It was awful.  I’m feeling a lot better today, but that’s only because I did a lot of recouping:

1. Rest.  I’ve been in bed pretty much all weekend.  It’s important to give your body the break it needs when you’re sick. (Duh.)

2. Liquids.  Tons and tons of water and Gatorade.  I realize Gatorade is not a healthy drink, but it’s better than no liquid.  Drink as much as you can and then some.

3. Fever reducers.  I don’t typically condone over the counter pills, but I was burning up and couldn’t cool off, so I resorted to some Advil to get my fever down.

4.  Herbs.  It may sound silly, but I went to an acupuncturist who gave me a Chinese herb called Jade Screen and I didn’t get sick the entire time I was taking it (and I work with children!) Any time I felt something coming on, I took it and all of my symptoms were immediately gone the next day.  I ran out of the herb right before I got sick, and I’m convinced that’s the reason I’m in bed with the flu.  Pretty sure they’re miracle workers.  

5.  Tea.  Yes, I already talked about liquids, but I felt that tea needed it’s own category.  If you’ve heard of Ayurveda, one Ayurvedic remedy is to drink lots and lots of hot tea to work up a sweat to get out toxins (just like a sauna).  I mean lots… ¾ of a gallon of hot tea (12 cups).  Luckily, I received these Choice Organic Teas on Friday, the day the flu hit me.  I boiled 12 cups of water and added 5 tea bags.  I woke up Saturday feeling better already.

Now, let’s talk about these teas!  I’m a total tea freak.  I used to hate tea, but the health benefits were enough to get me over that, and the more you try something, the more you begin to like it.  Now, I love it.  I usually buy Dillon’s brand of tea, but I think I’ll be looking for Choice Organic Teas from now on.  I stuck with Dillon’s brand because (honestly) it was the cheapest, however, you can buy Choice’s teas for a very reasonable price.  I received Throat Cozy, Lemon Lavender Mint, and English Breakfast from Choice Organic Teas.  

Throat Cozy- although I liked this tea and it soothed my sore throat, it wasn’t my favorite because it tastes like black licorice and I’m not a huge black licorice fan.  If you are, you’ll love this one.  To me, this is one of those teas that you drink because you know it’s helping you.

Lemon Lavender Mint- 
this one goes down so smoothly.  It’s delicious and calming, perfect for right before bed or right after a yoga session.

English Breakfast- I’m a huge fan of English Breakfast teas, but I’ve tried so many horrible ones that I’m leery of them.  This one is fabulous.  No bitter aftertaste or weird slimy feeling in your mouth after drinking it.  It goes down just as smoothly as the Lemon Lavender Mint.  It’s the perfect drink in the morning when you’re sick and can’t stomach drinking coffee, but still want a little energy boost.

If you really want to be sure about the purity of the tea you’re drinking, choose Certified Organic. Even teas billed as “natural” can contain pesticides. Look for the USDA Organic logo on the package to ensure you are drinking the real thing.
In addition, if you are trying to avoid GMOs in your food, keep an eye out for GMOs in your beverages! When choosing your tea brand, look for the non-GMO Verified logo on the packaging to ensure there are no artificially manipulated ingredients in your tea, coffee or other beverages.Did you know that some teas can contain gluten, too? If you are watching your gluten intake, pay attention to sneaky ways gluten can enter your diet. Be sure to look for tea products with the GF logo indicating Gluten Free certification.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Are you a tea drinker?  How do you take your tea?  I drink mine with a teaspoon of raw honey.


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