Fresh Fruit Juice

You know those little umbrellas that you put in drinks?

I can’t find them anywhere in stores.  It may be the fact that I live in an itty bitty town, but I just can’t find them.

The only place I can find them is Oriental Trading and you have to buy a billion at a time if you want anything out of that magazine.

So, since I’m on a crafty kick, I made my own for this refreshing and fruity drink!  These are the easiest things ever.  Click here to find out how!

The drink is super easy to make, too!  My mom made fruit salad and we always throw out the fruit juice that’s left at the bottom, but today I decided to make a drink with it.

Fresh Fruit Juice
Makes: 2 glasses


1 cup fruit juice
2 cups water (this would also be good with seltzer, too!)


Mix, chill, drink.  Easy as that!


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