Fruity Banana Smoothie? Sorbet? Ice Cream?

Sometimes you just have to stop and relax.

It’s harder to do than you think.  Most of us are constantly on the go and never have any down time.

Think about the last time that you just sat down for 20 minutes doing absolutely nothing but relaxing.

Was it a long time ago?

If so, I’d advise you to do some relaxing.  Just sit down for 20 minutes and maybe even meditate.  Meditating isn’t some weird thing freaks do, I promise.  I do it all the time (not that that proves anything.)  Meditating is just controlling your breaths and releasing all thoughts.  It’s been proven to reduce Cortisol levels and Cortisol is what (apparently) causes stress and mindless eating.  So, there you have it.  Take some time for yourself just to relax.  You deserve it!

And before you head off to relax, make a banana mango smoothie.  Check out the title… I wasn’t quite sure what to call it because I couldn’t decide if it’s a smoothie, sorbet, or ice cream.  It’s just like the “1 ingredient banana ice cream” except it’s got 3 ingredients… so does that make it a smoothie?  Or a sorbet since one of the other ingredients is frozen fruit?!  Don’t ask me; I’m obviously confused!  Whatever it is, it’s so simple, delicious, and healthy.  I’ve made one almost every day for the past two weeks.  And if you make it, please tell me what you’d call it.  🙂

Fruity Mango Smoothie/Sorbet/Ice Cream

1 frozen banana, chopped up
1/2 large frozen mango, chopped up (or fruit of choice)
1/4 cup yogurt

1.  Chop your banana and mango.
2.  Put in freezer a couple of hours or until frozen.
3.  Blend all ingredients in a food processor.
4.  Enjoy!

I also made one with about a cup of frozen strawberries.  Delicious!


12 thoughts on “Fruity Banana Smoothie? Sorbet? Ice Cream?

  1. Yummmmm! I could go for one of those right now! Pity I don't have any mangoes. Hmmmm…I'm not sure what it is, but I guess I'd call it a smoothie. 🙂

    by the way…I'm very lucky because I have all kinds of time to relax. But I've had times in my life when I would have loved nothing better than just 20 minutes of a day to sit and relax. Things are much more balanced for me now thank goodness. 🙂


  2. thanks shila! i'll send you some mangoes 😉

    i think smoothie is the right thing to call it, too.i'm glad you've got things balanced because it's hard work being busy! lol.
    i feel bad for my poor blog because i've neglected it! 😦


  3. Mmm! This looks so smooth and creamy! I find the best way to force myself to relax is to make some sort of treat and really sit back and savor it, it works wonders!


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