I’m an Artist!! {Chive and Onion Biscuits}

Happy May Day!

There’s this girl.  Her name is Amanda.  I congratulated her the other day for starting this thing called the “100 Mile Challenge”.  She’s going to walk/run 100 miles in the month of May.  After I congratulated her, I received an e-mail from her telling me I should do it, too…
Not realizing that 100 miles = a 5k every day, I said yes.  And then I drug one of my friends into doing it with me so it wouldn’t seem so daunting.

Today is the first day of the 100 mile challenge.  Over 50 bloggers have signed up! 
In other news…. Check out this cool trick I learned today.  
Want to know how to do it?

Paper Plate Art
Things you’ll need:
Food Coloring
Dish soap
Cover the bottom of the plate with a thin layer of milk.
Drop a few drops of each color of  food coloring into the center, spread out a little bit. 
Drop one drop of dish soap into the middle.
Voila, you’re an artist!  Congrats!
And, totally unrelated, but obviously necessary…
Chive and Onion Biscuits
For the recipe, click here


23 thoughts on “I’m an Artist!! {Chive and Onion Biscuits}

  1. Totally used to do that plate art stuff all the time when I was a kid. It's so cool! I bet I'd find equally if not more fun now ^_^


  2. Yipes, that's a heck of a running challenge – I have a hard enough time getting myself to do 2.75 miles three times a week…! Good luck!


  3. Can we eat the plate too? No just kidding, your biscuits look great! I don't often bake salty biscuits but your recipe seems delicious!


  4. Good luck with the 100 miles challenge! It sounds like..fun? (I'm sure it will be 🙂

    I did that paper art thing in a science experiment a couple of years ago, it was soo rainbowy and pretty and, yeah, pretty cool! Thanks for reminding me of it!


  5. Wow I am impressed by the 100 mile challenge. I definitely could not do that….

    Those biscuits look yummy though! Thanks for stopping by my blog. All of your baked goods look delicious!


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